11 categories of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Review the video Introduction to SOX and Internal Controls aboveFor this paper you will be using the template as a guide to assist you.

Write a 2-page paper discussing the 11 categories of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (using APA format) and include a cover page and a reference page.  You should have a minimum of three references (and remember to use citations in the text to match the references).

Writing Requirements:

  • 2 pages total (not including cover page or reference page) and not more than 3 pages
  • Proper APA format on citations and sources
  • Minimum of 3 scholarly sources 
  • Please remember to run your documents through the Plagiarism Check to review the percentage taken from other sources prior to uploading your work here for final grading and the final plagiarism check. 

Grading Requirements:

  • View the grading rubric
  • The assignment is due before midnight on Sunday. However, if you submit it to the Keiser University Writing Studio before midnight on Sunday, you can wait to submit the assignment on Monday after you receive feedback and guidance from the Writing Studio. Be sure to let the professor know you submitted your work to the Writing Studio. You are expected to revise your work using the feedback and guidance before you submit your work for grading. The Writing Studio copies the professor on emails sent to each student documenting that the work has been reviewed and returned to the student.  No late penalty will apply if you elect to use the Writing Studio and turn in the work before midnight on Monday.

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