3-1: Final Project Milestone One: Organization Analysis and Facility Location

At this point, you have practiced various methods for evaluating potential locations. For this milestone assignment, you will finalize your recommendation for the location (either Russia or South Korea) and provide justification for your recommendation. In this paper, you will analyze the current supply chain of the organization you selected in Module One, including their material requirements planning (MRP) system, forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, and planning functions. You will analyze how these will help inform the logistics of the new international facility. You will also use an FRM to support your location recommendation.

To complete this assignment, review the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document.

The purpose of this activity is to identify the organization that you will focus on throughout this course for your final project and to begin analyzing how their supply chain currently functions, and you are required to include: description of the organization’s goals for their supply chain management; brief overview of their current distribution channels; description of therelationship between the logistics department and the supply chain management department.

The structure and content of your presentation are very good. You address all the required issues and cover all the main objectives. Your choice of organization along with their product/service complements their supply chain analysis. Again, you submitted a very well researched and organized presentation. Good job!

Please see the accompanying rubric and let me know if you have any questions.

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