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  1. Which of the following is a fundamental characteristic of management accounting as compared to financial accounting?
  2. Bookmark question for laterIf a cost increases as the sales volume increases, the cost is a:
  3. Bookmark question for laterIf total cost stays the same, even though the production level has risen, the cost is a(n):
  4. Bookmark question for laterThe cost of milk used to manufacture ice cream would most likely be classified as a(n):
  5. Bookmark question for laterGlue used in the manufacture of chairs would most likely be classified as:
  6. Bookmark question for laterA nonmanufacturing cost is usually classified as:
  7. Bookmark question for laterIn constructing a custom cabinet, an indirect material would be:
  8. Bookmark question for laterThe cost of milk for an ice cream manufacturer would be considered all of the following EXCEPT:
  9. Bookmark question for laterCosts that are specifically traceable to a unit of business are known as which of the following costs to that unit?
  10. Bookmark question for laterYou currently work as a school bus driver. Your salary is $28,000 per year. You are thinking about quitting your job and going back to college. It will take you two years to obtain your college degree. Tuition and other costs of the education will total $24,000. You also intend to keep your car by making the $250 per month payments out of your savings. How much is the opportunity cost of going to college?

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