5 Pages Economics

Research Paper Instructions

1. Breakdown your topic, come up with 3-5 good questions to research. Outline should include introduction of topic, key issues, economic policy recommendations, counter arguments from WSJ, rebut (defense) of policy recommendations using economic facts from the book, conclusion.

2. The field of Economics typically uses APA formatting.

3. Research primary data sites: www.nber.org, www.bls.gov, www.aier.org, https://research.stlouisfed.org, www.worldbank.org. Locate data, graphs, tables, charts. Read up on your topic. Effective reading is required for effective writing. Read research data purposefully. Critically think how to answer key questions, how this relates to the economic topics in the book as you formulate your economic policy recommendations. Your paper should be insightful and persuasive.

4. For counter argument (opposing views that contradict your recommendations) use op-ed articles from www.wsj.com (The Wall Street Journal), www.nyt.com (New York Times), www.wp.com (Washington Post).

5. For rebuttal, defend your economic policy recommendations. Be sure to cite all of your sources, and included imbedded relevant graphs, tables or charts.

6. Paper, should be about 5-7 pages (≈2500 words), formatted using APA. Follow all of the instructions, meet/exceed grading rubric, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with standard 1-inch headings and margins, citations, plus a bibliography (Works-Cited).

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