6 questions of supply change

Hello in the attachment ( problem ) thats what i want to answer the six questions also in the attachment slides last 3 classes also I attache the book but i don’t think you need it… ALSO I attache my friend answer it will help you((((so that will help a lot because 40% in this questions is calculations and my friend answer it))))). I don’t know if his answer correct or no, but if his answer correct please please do not rephrase his answers because I will het zero if i rephrase but writ it from your own word but with same correct meaning

also this is the prof explanation :

1, Exam will be available sometime today under assignments. Topics included in the exam are the first three topics in the syllabus: Chapters 1, 2 and 8 (forecasting).

2. You must submit your exam on Canvas latest by 11pm on Sunday.

3. Numerical problems must be done in Excel and essay questions on Word.

4. The exam is open notes, open book but not open classmates. Any kind of collaboration while taking the exam is strictly forbidden and will automatically result in failing the course. Studying together is not a valid excuse for your answers to look identical.

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