A Comparison of Key Models in Health Informatics

A Comparison of Key Models in Health Informatics
As part of this course, you will be developing an evaluation plan based on an appropriate model. For this Assignment, you will examine in depth the four models introduced in this week’s Learning Resources (Technology Acceptance, Model Diffusion of Innovations, Disruptive Innovation, Sociotechnical Theory Models). By increasing your familiarity with these key models, you will more easily recognize which would be most appropriate for the evaluation you decide to perform.
To prepare:
Review the four research models covered in this week?s Learning Resources.
Consider the key points of each and when they would be the most appropriate choice for an evaluation.
To complete this Assignment:
By Thursday 12/22/2016 by 5pm,
1) Create graphic representations of the four models, including descriptions of each overall model, key components, who was involved in their development, key ways they have been used, and potential uses in health informatics.
2) These representations will be for your use in your upcoming course project, so the greater the detail, the more useful these representations will be to you.
3) Potential formats could include but are not limited to tables, mind maps, Venn diagrams, or concept maps.
P.S. include an introduction and a summary. The introduction must end with a purpose statement (e.g. ?The purpose of this paper is to ?? ) in APA format.

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