A discussion on women’s pursuit of spiritual freedom in wedlock. – an inspiration from the novel Mrs.Dalloway ‘

English Literature

topic: now I have a subject and my topic is not fix, but it is this direction, maybe it will have adjustments. ‘ A discussion on women’s pursuit of spiritual freedom in wedlock. – an inspiration from
the novel Mrs.Dalloway ‘

academic level: Master

reference style: MLA ( now I just know we need to use MLA, but I need to check with my tutor, and after I will send you )

my tutor notes: she told me first step that I need to confirm the bibliography, and sent to her, also she told me to know more about Virginia Woolf and Leonard Woolf, The bloomsbury group. Because my subject concerned about feminism, so she recommend some bibliographies – 1. in three guineas 2.aroom of one’s own (these two she told me it is just have some marriage issues, but I can’t use in my dissertation) 3. Mrs.Dalloway 4. Suzan Harrison: Eudora Welty and Virginia Woolf-gender, genre, and influence, 1997

PS: if it is confirmed, can you send me bibliographies and the topic as soon as possible, I need to give my teacher, thanks a lot!

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2 not out of topic
3 no mistake in Grammar
4 no format problem
5 no sources/citations issues ( all reference has in-text reference , all in-text reference put in reference list)
6 Word count enough
7 add table of content match subtitle
8 add introduction conclusion
9 add abstract
10 add recommendation
11 Instruction fully covered
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13 not Wrong data/statistics/calculations present
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this is a outline example
Upload the outline like this but not copy
e influence if the developing CSR strategies on the real estate companies, and how those companies operate them into practice
1. Background of CSR generation
a. Growing global focus on CSR, and its developing history
b. Environment, economic return, social reaction situation about CSR disclosure
c. Research question:
C1. How does CSR strategies develop in China?
C2. Does those companies which used CSR strategies benefit from it?
??literature review
1. CSR concept and developing history
2. make a link to next chapter about aim of the literature review
3. aim of the literature review
3.1 present a comprehensive landscape of recent CSR review including Chinese review
3,2 conclude the result of those articles.
4. link to real estate
4.1 talk about Chinese real estate’s role in Chinese economy
4.2 discuss the relationship between CSR strategies and real estate industry
5. re-state the research questions, and present the link to the dissertation
?? conceptual framework and research design
1. Introduction
1.1 outline the CSR’s key performance [related to employees, environmental disruption (CO2 emission, raw materials’ or construction materials’ pollution, sewage’s usage, noise pollution); customers reflection, government relationship.
2. role of CSR in real estate industry
3. formulate research questions and related to some empirical test.
3.1 firm profitability and social externalities by Y-chan. Chen
3.2 Does CSR create shareholders’ value? By Hariom
3.3 CSR report compared with financial report
4. state a summary
4.1 CSR has been accepted for a long period
4.2 CSR’s strategies close to companies’ operation
4.3 companies can benefit from sustainable development/environment/profitability
5. research design
5.1 introduction
5.1.1 state the research method, which link to literature review and conceptual framework
5.1.2 conclude literatures’ investigation methodology
5.1.3 this article methodology base on assessing real estate managers’ knowledge of CSR strategies, and do their companies achieve benefit from it.
5.2 assessing by interview
5.2.1 interview question
5.2.2 ethical issues
5.3.3 summary
5.3 achieve benefit
5.3.1 read 2 companies CSR report, summarize key information
5.3.2 read their financial reports find the key ratios and the link to CSR strategies, including book value, CSR cost, EPS (shareholders), Tax rates (government relationship), staff welfare (wage/net profit), creditor relationship (asset/debt), public utilities (donate/income).
5.3.3 compare 5-10 years financial reports, find companies’ performance with or without CSR.
6. Data collection
6.1 introduction of this chapter
6.2 introduce 4 companies, and re-state research questions
6.2 interview process
6.3 collect CSR/financial data through reports
7. Discussion
7.1 Introduction
7.1.1 Summary the empirical finding, use table to conclude CSR information
7.1.2 to discuss the finding from result.
8. Conclusion
8.1 Introduction of this chapter
8.2 Summary of findings
8.3 Contribution of this study
8.4 limitations
8.5 Direction of future research (environment tax)

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