A Gantt Chart Based Scheduling Lag

You are considering how to refine your project schedule to accommodate newly recognized needs. You will need to revise your project schedule by changing specific network schedule rules (ES, LS, EF, LF, etc.) and incorporating schedule lag. Your assignment is twofold: revise the project schedule based on the data in the Table 1 in Appendix B and the schedule instructions below; then interpret the resultant Gantt chart to answer the questions below. Your revised project schedule Gantt chart should include WBS ID, task description, schedule information (rules and lag), dates (Start & Finish), and durations as well as a project title and date.

This assignment can be completed using either Microsoft Project or Excel. Although MS Project does a lot of these tasks automatically, if you are using Excel you will need to develop the components separately by creating a table that contains the revised schedule information and an appropriate Gantt depiction as a basis for inclusion in your paper and addressing the assignment questions.

  1. Modify the:
    1.1 Task D predecessor dependency B to a Start-to-Start with 3 day lag.
    1.2 Task G predecessor dependency F to a Start-to-Finish with -2 day lag.
    1.3 All other dependencies should be Finish-to-Start with 0 day lag.
  2. Depict the revised schedule critical path on your Gantt chart.
  3. Analyze and summarize the impact of the Lag revision on the project schedule; recommend and justify an additional schedule Lag revision for schedule improvement.

Submit a two- to three-page paper with the answers to the above questions. The paper must include an introduction and conclusion. Inset your revised project schedule Gantt chart depiction as an appendix in your paper. Include a titlepage and a reference page that includes at least 3 outside references (one of which may include your textbook) to support your responses

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