Abdominal hysterectomy

In this paper, you will be expected to give a complete, comprehensive consideration into all aspects of the surgical procedure to which you are assigned, from pre-procedure preparation through postoperative considerations. The following outline is recommended for use:
Title page
Introduction/identification of surgical procedure
Indications for surgical procedure (PREP)
What makes surgical procedure necessary? Contributing factors/aggravating factors/facilitating events?
Preparation for surgical procedure (PREP)
Any prep procedures? Prep labs to consider—what lab tests likely to be ordered and what do they indicate? (MED? NURS?)
Specific education points to prepare patient—more than just a generic informed consent (NURS?)
Description of surgical procedure (PROC)
How is it done?
Anesthesia (MED?)
Anticipated level and patient status at this level of anesthesia
Are there any variations? Description of variations required
Recovery, rehab & recuperation (RR)
Anticipated patient needs from nursing (NURS)
Anticipated patient needs from ancillary therapies
Anticipated potential complications of surgical procedure and recovery period
Descriptions, signs/symptoms, treatment considerations for most common potential complications
Nursing considerations (NURS)
Assessment foci
Top 3 nursing diagnoses/SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, time-focused) outcomes/interventions/evaluation considerations
Collaboration considerations?
Dietary adjustments?
Complementary/alternative therapies?
Any potential cultural considerations?
Common medications used (MED)
Actions of medication classes
Key nursing considerations (NURS)
Patient issues
This paper is not to be just a copy-and-paste patchwork of the textbook and a small variety of websites; instead, you are expected to write a formal, college-level paper considering the surgical procedure and all its aspects in detail, demonstrating an understanding of evidence-based care considerations in caring for this particular patient. Anticipated length of the paper is approximately 8-10 pages. Utilization of tables may be an effective method for disseminating some of the information in certain sections identified above; however, information must be cited appropriately from all sources.
Your course textbook may provide some information on the surgical procedure and may be used as an evidence-based resource; however, you must also utilize a minimum of 3 non-textbook evidence-based resources (published no earlier than January 2012) throughout your paper. Casual (non-evidence based) resources may also be used, and no minimum will be given for such resources, but these should not be the cornerstone of your understanding of the surgical procedure and its associated nursing care. If you have difficulty finding a minimum of 3 non-textbook evidence-based resources for your paper, please discuss your research with course faculty.
Note: Utilizing resources throughout your paper does not mean just citing them once at varying places in the paper and then paraphrasing ideas from resources without citation elsewhere in the paper. If you utilize an idea, concept, quote, etc. from a resource, you are expected to cite it. If you have multiple resources discussing the same idea, concept, quote, etc., APA citation guidelines identify the method for citing multiple resources.
In citing your work, keep in mind that the utilization of a citation at the end of a long paragraph full of outside sources is not an effective method of citation. To an expert researcher, this indicates that the last sentence is information from an outside source and the remainder is original work (created by the author, not cited from other resources). If you use any information from an outside source, cite it–even if it means having a citation at the end of every sentence.
Your paper will likely be almost exclusively cited material, as very little of the work you discuss will be your own thoughts. Even if you work in a surgical environment and/or have personal experience with the surgical procedure itself, this assignment is not to provide personal perspectives but rather an overall consideration devoid of facility/personal specifics. Self-citation is not expected nor encouraged at this point in your nursing education career.
As a college student, excellent utilization of the English language is expected, including such aspects as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and appropriate utilization of medical terminology. Effective utilization of APA citation methodology is also required, considering not just in-text and reference-list citation of references but also in formatting the paper.
As you are preparing to work at the licensure level of a registered nurse, you must provide more than just cursory consideration of nursing care for the patient undergoing this particular procedure. A paper where a minimal percentage of the paper is dedicated to nursing care of the patient will not be considered effective.

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