ACCT 2013 Managerial Analysis Porject

Continue your analysis from Accounting I in which you illustrate your knowledge of managerial

accounting. Your paper will recap all of the information submitted previously which includes the


Company logo and stock symbol

Nature of its operations

Company history

Product lines

Compare the following year-over-year (at least three years) financial performance results and

comment on trends:

Total assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity

Total revenue




Return on assets

Debt ratio

Current ratio

Acid test ratio

Inventory days

Receivables days

Payable Days

Asset turnover

Times interest earned

52-week high and low stock price

Earnings per share

In addition to the above-referenced information, your paper should go further by providing in-

depth analysis and detail concerning the most recent interim performance. Include information

about specific initiatives undertaken by the firm in response to present financial performance and

the targets that are being set. Your paper must contain a cover page with abstract, be single-

spaced, and must include a bibliography with links to your sources.

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