additional work

Hi dear

Regarding to your answer on above word file . I need you make some change and to correct some points , I need this change as soon as possible even in less than 12 hours . if you need to charge me on that its ok but I need to clear some points .

  • 1.3 Financial summary : the numbers of amount not clear because its not matching the tables you did for costs , please write them to much the cost tables.
  • Project performance : please make the study to be on 3 years only not 10 , also make the numbers match the cost tables ( numbers should much the financial summary numbers), also change the diagram to be on 3 years
  • 6.1. Organization structure: you have mention that there is CEO and 2 directors , but in section 6.2 and 6.3 you did not mention them in discerption and even not in salary cost . please add them and give them salary
  • After you change this make also the change on the income statement tables .
  • Numbers of income statement should match the financial summery and salary tables and the plan for 3 years
  • 8.5 payback period table should be for 3 years and match all the above tables
  • Now all the cost in US$ please change all the numbers to be in Omani Rial

Please inform me if you can do this or not because its important to submit this file as the above notes

Thanks dear

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