Advertising Campaigns

Part I

Find three current advertising campaigns that utilize at least one of the following source or message factors, and provide an example of each ad:

  • a celebrity spokesperson
  • a corporate leader such as the president, founder, or CEO as an advertising spokesperson
  • a comparative advertising message
  • a reputational appeal message
  • a fear appeal message
  • a humorous appeal message

Part II

Analyze the advertiser’s use of this particular source of message factor.  Why do you think they chose to use the particular source or type of message?  Are the spokespersons and/or messages appropriate or inappropriate for this particular brand of product or service?  How might the use of this type of source

or message impact the way consumers in the target audience respond to the advertising campaign?

Part III

Visit any three of the following websites and discuss the use of celebrities by each of these organizations in relation to the source factors and processes discussed in Chapter 6 (credibility, attractiveness, internalization, identification).  Explain your opinion.  What risks might each of these organizations face regarding the use of celebrities?

Commercials w/Celebrities

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