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ssignment 2: Final Course Project

The assignment for this week represents the last phase of your Course Project paper. In Week 3 you prepared and submitted the annotated bibliography containing 10 annotations based upon research into the administration-politics dichotomy in public administration within the context of various topics studied over the term. That paper was submitted, graded, and feedback provided by the facilitator. You should make any suggested revisions or additions to the content of that document. In Week 4 you prepared an essay that identified different themes that emerged from your analysis of the peer-reviewed journal articles and annotations written for those articles. The assignment for this week brings these two parts together into one cohesive paper that reflects your own analysis of the research from the articles and how that content addresses the administration-politics dichotomy. It will portray how this dichotomy has been perceived over time based upon peer-reviewed research and evidence, and it is not intended to be a venting of personal opinion. 

As noted in previous instructions, you must provide in-text citations for all of your sources and include them all on a references page using APA style guidelines. Your references page should be the last page of your document and should include all the references you used that are not included in your annotated bibliographic entries. For example, you might want to refer in your essay to Woodrow Wilson’s article in the textbook. You would not add it to your annotated bibliographic entries but would include it in your list of references at the end of your paper. Note: Any direct quotations or references to specifics from your annotated bibliographic entries in your essay would have an in-text, parenthetical citation but would only be listed in your annotated bibliographic alphabetical list. 

The Course Project document will be will be somewhere around 16–24 pages, depending on the length of your essay and the length and number of your article summaries (your weekly annotated bibliographic entries). The actual annotated bibliographic entries should not be double-spaced, but your essay should be.

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