American history (1500-1865).

American history (1500-1865). Students will then write research paper discussing and analyzing that event in terms of its impact on America’s history. Analysis should include, at a minimum, a discussion of the following:
• Explanation of cause-effect relationships
o What factors contributed to the event? (social, political, economic, etc.)
o How did those factors contribute to the event?
o What changes occurred after the event? (social, political, economic, etc.)
o How did those changes take place?
• Explanation of long-term impact.
o How is the current state of affairs connected to those changes?
Papers must meet the following criteria:
• 1200-1800 words in length
• Reference at least five scholarly sources
o Acceptable sources include academic journal articles and books (no websites, textbooks, or encyclopedias).
o Listed in a bibliography and cited in footnotes
• Typed in twelve point font and double-spaced with one inch (“normal”) margins all around.
Grading Rubric:
This assignment will be worth a total of 100 points, which will be broken down into four categories as outlined below.

Thesis Statement (10 points)
• Clearly stated and specifically focused (should be some kind of specific statement about the significant event and its impact on America’s history).

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