An exercise about leadership due day is today ,before 9:00PM

  • Experiential Leadership Exercise #9

    Strong or Weak Corporate Culture

    For this exercise select an organization your work for, have worked for, or know about.  For each of the six statements, select an answer by placing one of the following numbers on the line:

    5 – Strongly Agree

    4 – Agree

    3 – Not Sure

    2 – Disagree

    1 – Strongly Disagree

    _____ 1.  I clearly understand the organization’s philosophy (what it stands for); it is widely

      shared by organizational leadership and members.

    _____ 2.  There is a concern for the individual; the organization often places individual concerns

      over rules, policies, procedures, and adherence to job duties.

    _____ 3.  We have heroes whose actions illustrate the shared philosophy and concerns of the


    _____ 4.  There are many rituals and ceremonies that build common identity of members.

    _____ 5.  There is a well-understood sense of the informal rules and expectations of employees.

    _____ 6.  Employees believe that what they do is important to others.  Networking to share

      information and ideas is encouraged.

    Your Tasks:

      1.  Add up the six numbers and place it on the following continuum:

    Weak Culture  6 ———- 10 ———- 15 ———- 20 ———- 25 ———-30  Strong Culture

          2.  Analyze the results of your assessment.  The higher the score, the stronger the corporate culture.

          3.  Answer the following questions:

      1. What is corporate culture, what role does it play in organizations, and how is it created?
      2. How does corporate culture influence individuals and organizations, and what makes corporate culture change?
      3. How can leaders influence corporate culture?
      4. Have you ever worked for an organization whose culture is in need of change?  If so, what was the problem?  What could have been done to change the culture?  What obstacles would have had to be overcome for the changes to be effective?

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