The company is Nestle

 Analyze the past, current, and future cost considerations of the company and, on the basis of your costs analysis, create a list of strategies to enhance the company’s profit.

In your analysis, include the following information about the various costs that affect the company:

  • Fixed costs, such as land, rent, utility bills, property taxes, mortgage payments, fire insurance, and lease on delivery trucks
  • Variable costs, such as wages of production workers or salespeople, raw materials, electric power, and inventory
  • Life cycle costs, such as acquisition, installation, operation, maintenance, refurbishment, and disposal fees
  • Operating costs, such as failures, repairs, spares, downtime, and loss of production

This report will be the next step in building your Final Term Project due in Week 5.

Create your report in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document. Attach any supporting documents, such as spreadsheets, as an appendix.

Name your report SU_MBA5004_W2_A3_Johnson_D.doc.

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