Analyze the relationship between two characters.

For this assignment, you will analyze a fictional

(two person) relationship from a movie. Analyze the relationship between two characters using what you consider to be the three most appropriate concepts, theories, perspectives from the class that apply to the relationship (example: their nonverbal communication, conflict style, and interpersonal needs). Note taking while watching the movie is strongly encouraged.

You will need to define each key word from the text that you use in this paper and then explain how the concept was presented or enacted in the film. It is impossible to cover everything from the text in your paper, so be sure to select and focus on three concepts from the text that you believe were most aptly demonstrated and describe how these concepts were manifested in the film


Required Text & Materials

Title: Interpersonal Communication
Author: Kory Floyd
Edition: 3rd Edition
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 9781260262094

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