Answer to each student’s discussion learning activities (LA). ( 4 answers total: 2 answers for each of LA#1 and LA#2 ).

The first element of the grading rubric requires students to thoroughly comment the student’s answer the learning of activities provided. You are expected comment the answer provided and what you present must be supported with the readings ( see attached files) and research (if applicable)
• When you support your ideas, reasoning or conclusion, you will need to cite the source document.
• The goal is to demonstrate your understanding of the course readings so be prepared to demonstrate a prolific use of the course readings, which means that more than one author or article is used.
• Personal experience is fine but be sure to relate to the course readings, which again requires an in-text citation.
• Responses to your classmates requires use of the course readings
• If an agree statement is provided, the grade for that post is a zero.
• Element Four: Writing is a competency of The Undergraduate School. You are also expected to demonstrate good writing skills so make sure that what is presented is well written and in complete sentences.
• The last element of the grading rubric has been discussed above but note the requirement to always cite and reference source material.

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