Application Paper

Application Paper

This paper is your statement of what you have learned and want to apply in your professional and personal life going forward. It is important to be as specific as possible, and not settle for general statements such as “engagement is important to monitor.” As you form your responses, it may be useful to think about all the sources of information made available to you during the course and what you have learned from them: The Fearless HR and Aha books, classroom presentations, the book reports and business acumen challenge, class projects and case studies, your experience making presentations and working with your team, videos, and your personal reflections on class discussions and course goals. The length of this paper will vary based on your learnings, but I would imagine that the treatment should be in the four to eight page range. To me, it is not the number of pages that is important; but the quality of thought and the concepts, themes and tools that resonated with you. The final assignment has two components: 1) to apply course concepts, tools and insights to your professional life going forward, and 2) to reflect on your assessment of Fearless Capabilities and Competencies and commit to a personal development plan. Essentially the first component answers the question: what have you learned in this course and how do you plan to apply it in the future. It is important to be specific and as detailed as possible. It is not enough to say, for example, that the talent management model is valuable. Go into more depth to discuss which parts of the talent management model are most useful and what, specifically, can you do to operationalize and apply these insights. For the second component, you will retake the personal assessment, compare it with the one you took to start the course, and then identify three development goals that you commit to for the next six months.


This is the final assignment of talent management class. Book we used: “Fearless HR—Driving Business Results” by David C Forman.

I also attached class PowerPoints. Hope It can help you know what we learned during these 14 weeks.

Activities we did during these 14 weeks:

  • Major Course Project—Paper and Presentation: The Business Context for Talent Management (I attached our team PowerPoint)
    • This is the team final project. Our team is hotel industry, and we choose the Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons hotels.
  • Presentation: Individual book reports
    • My book is Work Rules by Laszlo Bock, 2015
  • Personal Assessment of Fearless Capabilities (I attached my personal assessment did on the first class and the last class)
    • Each person takes a two-page assessment based on the capabilities and competencies described in Fearless HR. They will then re-take the assessment at the end of the course; and this will be input for their application paper.
  • Presentation: Business acumen challenge
    • Each student will lead a five to seven minute class discussion (over the course of 10 weeks) on current business events that impact the talent and business prospects of businesses and organizations
  • Discussion of Website Analysis (I attached our team PowerPoint)
    • This is also team project in the Week 5. Our team is hotel industry, and we choose the Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons hotels

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