Argument Research Essay Proposal

Argument Research Essay Proposal


Please complete all 3 parts of this template, using the example proposal template from the assignment instructions as your guide.


I. Based on our Week 1 Discussion and your current favorite choice for a topic/debate within the course theme announcement, answer the following:


A. State your stance within the debate you chose, without using “I.” (1 sentence)


B. Why is your stance a good one for an argument research essay? (at least 3 sentences)



C. Who might disagree with your stance and why? (at least 3 sentences)



D. Who do you imagine your audience will be? (at least 2 sentences)




II. In a full paragraph of 7-9 sentences, and without performing any research, please note what you already understand about the debate and what you do not already understand about the debate:




III. Next week, in Week 2, you will begin scholarly research in the library. This research will help you find opposing viewpoints (sources that disagree with you) and supporting viewpoints (sources that agree with you), as well as information to fill in missing gaps in knowledge you may have. With all three of these goals in mind, please list five possible search phrases you might use when you begin searching in the library.





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