AS-IS Business Process Model

There are 2 models due

See attachment for the second assignment

Materials Required

To complete this deliverable, you will need the following materials


Complete the following requirements for this discussion board assignment:

  • Why should ERP architecture include a discussion on organizational structure, business processes, and people, instead of just information technology and systems?
  • Consider the process of using an online banking system to manage your personal checking account. Based on personal experience and/or research, produce a UML Use Case diagram for this system. In addition, produce one use case scenario based on one of the use cases modeled in the use case diagram. To give you an idea of scope, keep the use case diagram simple, but you should have around 5-10 use cases and 2-4 actors. The purpose of this exercise is to get accustomed to the syntax of UML Use Case diagrams, not to exhaust your knowledge of bank business processes. Attach a copy of your diagram to your discussion board post.

1. I only need the diagrams

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