Assessment Criteria

HC1031 MPO – Trimester 3 2017


Assignment 2 Requirements

Assessment Criteria

Suggested word limit: 500 words (per individual element) 1000 words (group element) (±10%)

Component Weighting: 35%

Due Date: Week 10 Friday 11:55pm

Submission format: Soft copy of a Word.docx to be uploaded on Blackboard through ‘Assignments and due dates’ menu

Important Please note:

  1. Any assignments where plagiarism or collusion is detected will

be awarded a mark of zero. You will need to contact your tutor if

you wish to discuss this.

  1. Failure to upload the correct document to the assessment link

will result in late penalties being applied to documents which are

later submitted for marking of that assignment.

  1. SafeAssign takes at least 24 hours to return a report. If you wish

to check your assignment prior to submission, please allow

plenty of time to use the self-check before the final submission

deadline arrives; SafeAssign not returning a self-check report

WILL NOT be considered a valid reason for an extension.

Assessment Overview

This assignment will allow you to apply the concepts and skills covered in this subject. Its purpose is to draw on the concepts and models used in this course to:

a) analyse a particular situation and the management process involved in it

b) reflect on management theories to determine if and how they are still relevant to organisations today.

Upon the completion of the task, you are to provide a formal report documenting your individual reflection and group investigation and analysis.

HC1031 MPO – Trimester 3 2017


Assessment Tasks


This will consist of two parts: an individual reflection and a group analysis. Both parts will provide students with an opportunity to reflect on individual and organisational problems and challenges and retrospectively apply concepts and frameworks covered within the subject. The group report will comprise an individual element worth 15% to be completed by each member of the group, and a group element worth 20% which will be produced by the group as a whole. Both parts of the assignment will be submitted on Blackboard as a group assignment in report format.

Part A: Individual Reflective Learning (15%)

This should be no more than 500 words

Choose a specific incident from your life where you have used the four primary management functions of Planning, Organising, Leadership and Controlling.

Analyse the incident and describe the main areas where you used each of these 4 management functions. Reflect on how effective your management of this task/incident was and which areas you would change if you had the opportunity to manage the same thing again and why.

You should draw on concepts covered in the course and use the following headings to present your review:

Selected Incident: Provide a very brief description of a specific incident that you have managed using the 4 primary POLC functions. Outline the problem clearly so that you set the scene for your reader and provide a basis for your analysis, but don’t go into excessive detail. It is important to have a clearly focused starting point for any analytical piece of work.

Analysis: Break down the task and identify elements of it that fit into each of the management functions (POLC). Clearly explain what those elements are and why you believe they belong to a particular management function.

Critical Evaluation: Reflect on your analysis and determine whether your approach was effective. Identify possible alternative actions or strategies that you could have taken and why and whether or not you think they would have been more effective.

HC1031 MPO – Trimester 3 2017


PART B: Group element (20%)

This should be no more than 1000 words (±10%)

Choose 2 of the management theories covered in lecture 2 “Evolution of Management Thinking”. Briefly describe the theory and identify its strengths and limitations.

  1. For each of the theories you have selected, either

a) choose a well-known organisation for whom the theory is still

relevant and utilised to some extent today, providing evidence to

support your selection.


b) choose a well-known organisation which contradicts the theory

and provide evidence to explain why you believe this to be the


Recommended Structure

As a minimum, the report should contain the following:

1) A brief Executive Summary detailing the purpose of the report. 2) A section for each group member containing their individual

contribution with their name and student number, clearly identified next to the work they have written.

3) A section clearly identified as the group element 4) Bibliography. (a minimum of 8 references with links back to in-text


• Your report should contain a coherent argument presented within the length


• Your evaluation should logically follow from your analysis

• Avoid long and detailed descriptions of the individual situations or

management theories, a short description with the necessary details is

sufficient so that you can spend most of your time on your analysis and the



Ensure your report is presented in a professional format including headings, table of contents, page numbers and a front cover. You may wish to use a template to make this process easier.

Your report should be saved as a single DOC or DOCX Microsoft Word document file. Name and submit the document file as YourGroupID.DOCX.

HC1031 MPO – Trimester 3 2017


Assessment Guidelines

The following criteria will be used to assess the quality of your report:

• Individual Element (15%) o Identification of appropriate management scenario (2 marks) o Identification of relevant areas of the scenario which related to

each of the management functions (8 marks) o Evaluation of process and limitations (5 marks)

• Group Element (20%) o Description of management theories and Identification of

benefits/limitations of theories (6 marks) o Identification of suitable organisations with respect to selected

management theories (2 marks) o Quality of evaluation of organisations adoption/contradiction of

chosen management theories. (6 marks) o Presentation (3 marks)

(Report structure, Layout, Grammar and spelling, Written style and expression)

o Referencing: (3 marks) (Bibliography and in-text citations)

Individual Element Fail 50-60 60-70 70-80 80+

Selection of appropriate


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