Assignment 2 Exporting a product

For this exercise, I would like you to pick an item that you would like to (imagine) export. The item pick are Makeup Brushes

Here are some things to think about:

1. Go to Schedule B of the US Census Bureau (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website. Find the ten (10) digit harmonized code for your export.

4. Provide a short description of your product to export, its harmonized code, and the wording description for that harmonized code.

For instance, if I want to export terracotta dishes, I come up with this information (after some time searching for the right code for dishes):

From the

U.S. Census Bureau – Foreign Trade Schedule B (2017), Chapter 69, CHAPTER 69 – CERAMIC PRODUCTS

6912.00.1000 – –

Of coarse-grained earthenware, or of coarse-grained stoneware; of fine-grained earthenware, whether or not decorated, having a reddish-colored body and a lustrous glaze which, on tea-pots may be any color, but which, on other articles, must be mottled, streaked, or solidly colored brown to black with metallic oxide or salt

Step 2 – write up your process of finding the correct code. Tell me what chapter, or subheading, etc., you did NOT choose, and why (e.g., for salmon fillets, you would look through the choices for salmon and NOT chose the subheading for fish unsuitable for consumption, etc.).

Remember to use your reference for your textbook and the US Census website.

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