Assignment #2: Pollution Prevention Audit

Pollution Prevention (P2) Audit Instructions


This assignment II project requires to explain the aspects of a P2 audit.


Summarize the three phases of the audit (planning, assessment, and analysis).


Ensure you have covered steps you would take specific to pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. 


Please include the attached article listed below to complete assignment and reference in reference page.


Karrer-Rueedi, E. E. (1996). Emerging proactive environmental strategies in Pharmaceutical

Corporations.?Greener Management International,?16, 47.




Please also use attached Chapter 18 Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessment attached file from textbook listed below:


Dupont, R. R., Ganesan, K., & Theodore, L. (2017). Pollution prevention: Sustainability,

industrial ecology, and green engineering (2nd ed.). CRC Press.



Sections to be included in Assignment:


·       Introduction – P2 Audit

·       Pollution Prevention Audit

·       Planning Phase (Pre-assessment)

·       Assessment Phase

·       Analysis Phase

·       P2 Audit Conclusion


A title page and references page must be included. No abstract is needed.


Thank you!!



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