Assignment #3: Corporate Philosophy

Assignment III Instructions


This project is the culmination of assignments I and II. 


The first portion (assignment I) of the course project involved a life cycle analysis (LCA). The second portion (assignment II) was a pollution prevention (P2) audit.


This third and final portion (assignment III) examines the impact of corporate philosophy on P2 in an industrial setting.


Corporate Philosophy

This assignment III project requires the use of pharmaceutical manufacturing previously used in assignment 1 and II. 


Please address the tasks below:

·       Appraise the importance of upper management’s commitment to P2.

·       Explore the value of corporate philosophy on P2 in pharmaceutical manufacturing


Use the following textbook:


Dupont, R. R., Ganesan, K., & Theodore, L. (2017). Pollution prevention: Sustainability, industrial ecology, and green engineering (2nd ed.). CRC Press.


Please also use the attached 2 articles listed below and reference:


1.  Environmental Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Integrating Corporate Responsibility and Business Strategy. 


2.  Corporate Environmental Leadership: Drivers, Characteristics, and Examples


The sections of the paper must include:

·       Title page

·       Introduction

·       Corporate Philosophy

·       Conclusion

·       References page


A title page and references page must be included. No abstract is needed.


Thank you.



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