attend the event that you nominated and described

Task description:

For this assignment you are to attend the event that you nominated and described in Assignment 2.

Your assignment should identify and critically analyse the positive and negative impacts of the event and evaluate aspects of its operational management to determine whether it has successfully realised its goals and resulted in stakeholder satisfaction.

The information for this assignment can be obtained from your own personal observations whilst attending the event, from discussions with event stakeholders (attendees, event organisers, staff and volunteers, stallholders, local government etc.) and from secondary information such as newspaper reports, social media commentary etc)

The event should be evaluated using the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line approach (refer to and cite the academic literature when defining and explaining these concepts).

A reference list should be provided for any academic literature cited. At least 3 academic references should be cited.

This assignment can be presented as either a 1500 word essay or as a report. It is recommended that students include photos of the event that demonstrate the impacts they observe whilst attending the event.

Please note: This is an independent, self-directed assessment task and therefore students will be responsible for attending, negotiating any permissions if appropriate, their own transportation and any expenses incurred attending the event.

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