BA471 Week Eight Final Exam

Question 1

Describe three methods used to control absenteeism in organizations.

Question 2

Describe the common challenges for global human resource.

Question 3

Define performance management. What should a performance management system do?


Question 4

Elaborate on the two main types of retirement benefits?

Question 5

“Interviews are the most widely used, but the least valid selection method.” Discuss this statement. What are some of the uses and problems associated with employment interviews?

Question 6

Describe the three major labor laws of the United States. What has been their impact on labor-management relations?

Question 7

Explain the five best practices that need to be considered while conducting workplace investigations (Employer investigations).

Question 8

Describe the two different compensation philosophies.

Question 9

Describe the four key concepts of equal employment opportunity (EEO).

Question 10

What are the four types of injuries or illnesses that are defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Act?



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