BHR3352 Columbia Southern Franklin Roosevelt Transformational Leadership Paper

For this assignment, choose a leader from history whom you admire. Then, write an essay discussing which of the following leadership styles correlates with the style employed by the leader you selected. Explain why you believe he or she demonstrated that style. Only one style selection is required; it is not necessary to discuss each style listed below: laissez-faire, transactional, transformational, servant, authentic, and leader-member exchange. Utilize the CSU Online Library to locate one journal article to use as a reference that supports your essay. Your paper should be at least one to two pages in length. Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below: a clear and engaging introduction; clear and appropriate content, including strong evidence of critical thinking; organization that results in clarity and logical arrangement of points being discussed; clear and concise writing, free from grammatical and structural errors; academically sound, preferably peer-reviewed resources for support of discussion; and all sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA

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