Briefly summarize the Amerindian influence on the Caribbean.

Please answer these questions about the Latin America Intro reading and upload your answers to this dropbox. You don’t need to use complete sentences or answer in essay form, but be thorough. This will count as a short essay grade.

Note: This is the first chapter of a book about Caribbean music, but this introduction could just as easily serve as an introduction to a book about Latin American music.

  1. At the bottom of page 2, the author states “Caribbean music has truly become world music, and, in its own way, world history, as well.” Based on your reading of the first two pages, why do think he says this?
  2. Briefly summarize the Amerindian influence on the Caribbean.
  3. What are the main African retentions found in the Caribbean today? In other words, what elements of African music are found there?
  4. In the section “Patterns of Musical Retention,” the author discusses some of the factors that influence what kind and how much of a culture is retained in the Caribbean. What are some of these factors?
  5. What are the main European retentions found in the Caribbean today?
  6. What is creolization and how does it work?

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