Building Law (Construction Management course) Essay

?Critically analyse the law of ?Sunset Dates? for Off the Plan Contracts.

In your answer, address the effect of the new section 66ZL of the Conveyancing Act 1919, and the views of the Supreme Court in Jobema Developments Pty Limited v Zhu & Ors [2016] NSWSC 3.?

Ensure the analysis encompasses:

i. A brief summary of the introduction of the legislation, the purpose for what it was
ii. The mechanics of the Act, and how it differs from the pre-Act legal system.
iii. An analysis of the benefits and burdens of the Act; and
iv. Provide one case law example of where the Act has been used to good effect.

organize your essay coherently with
clear, methodical introduction and conclusion
interpersonal communication theories
and show
evidence of
evaluation and application
those theories
apply the research to your
interpersonal communication

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