bus309 week 9 discussion RESPONSE c.m.

Respond to this post in 150 words or more agreeing, disagreeing, or giving an opinion.

Aguirre was well within her rights as a citizen to come forward and express her concerns about how the hospital was dealing with an Ebola patient. From the interviews we hear accounts of how unprepared and untrained Aguirre and her cowarers were for this hazerdous situation. From the video clips there is a suggestion that the hospital was under-reacting to the issues brought up by Aguirre. If there is a perception that a company (even though it is a hospital providing a public service) acting improperly or is complicit to endangering the public or it’s employees, then she did what she felt she needed to do.

Should Aguirre have been fired from her job? I am not sure that I have all the facts surrounding the case, let alone be able to read any documentation or agreement that she made when accepting employment, but a company has the right to terminate any employee that it wants to, as long as it is not discriminatory in the perspective or race, sex, or private affiliation. Aguirre is also free to sue the hospital for negligence (not being equipped to handle the crisis) and needlessly putting her life in danger due to their non-compliance with known procedures around highly contagious diseases.

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