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Unit 4 Discussion: Integrated Marketing Communications

Communications is the “Promotion” in the four Ps of the marketing mix. The purpose of communications is to build value for the customer and to influence customer behavior through informing, persuading, reminding and explaining. Communications can include advertising, public relations, personal selling, sponsorships, and any other form of sales promotion.

Global marketers must develop an integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy. These strategies should apply to customers all over the world and at the same time, to customers in a specific region or country. The key is to build a consolidated communications strategy that sends a consistent message about the brand, the company and/or the product.

Consider the Course Project – your Global Marketing Plan that you are creating. Consider the communications (the Promotion P of your marketing mix) requirements for your Global Marketing Plan. Respond to the following questions and points:

1.       Briefly describe your product and distribution channel or channels.

2.       Describe your advertising campaign. Will you transform a domestic campaign into a global campaign or will you create a new campaign from the ground up? Will you take a standardization approach or an adaptation approach? Explain your decisions.

3.       What is your “message?” What is the “appeal” to customers?

4.       What type of media will you use in your advertising strategy? Explain your decision.

5.       How will you include public relations in your advertising strategy?

6.       Identify and describe the sales promotions techniques that you will use in your Global Marketing Plan. What are the issues and problems related to sales promotion in the country or region in your Global Marketing Plan?

If you use outside resources for your postings (I highly recommended that you do use outside resources), you should use the ECPI Online Library for your research. Remember that wikis and blogs are not credible resources. Use APA citation.

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