Business Decisions for Reverse Logistics Operations



I attached the files required to read to accomplish the assignment.



Review the Case Study #1 document and the Alpha Prime Electronics Organizational Power Point. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length addition to the cover page and reference section. You must include at least two peer reviewed sources that are both cited and referenced.

At a minimum, your paper should address the following points:


1. Given the organization, would you consider outsourcing the reverse logistics function? Show your calculations to justify your decision. Include direct and indirect costs in the calculation.


2a. If you chose to outsource, explain which company would you select? Defend why you would use a particular company.


2b. If you chose not to outsource, explain how you would better organize the groups currently addressing the reverse logistics functions.


3. Explain the new reverse logistic process, map out the new revere logistic process and defend the process that you are proposing. In particular, make sure that you explain how you will be improving the damaged and non-damaged returns processes.


4. What other changes would you make to the organization? Why? Support your reasoning?


5. Discuss and address other considerations with regards to reverse logistics.

In all the cases, you will not have all the information you need to provide a definitive solution; make whatever assumptions you need (be sure to indicate what they are and make sure that you have provided a solid basis for the assumption!) and work the case. 


For this assignment, you will need to apply ‘conceptual thinking’ to arrive at satisfactory answers for all cases. That means that you will not find the answers for any of the cases in this or any other text – you must go beyond what is there. Merely trying to respond to each “symptom” listed in the case study is likely to take you in the wrong direction as the real ‘problems lie beyond the case write-up in the text.


APA requires that you write in the third person. Therefore “I would, I think, I recommend, you, we and us” are inappropriate. Avoid emotional subjective statements and avoid talking about the need for, or the desire to do, more or future studies: Solutions, actions, alternatives, and recommendations are required based on the information given. Be sure to list and justify any assumptions you choose to make.


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