Business Plan – Discussion board question

Topic: Each of the following components of the business plan should be used as headings and begin on a separate page. For your chosen business:

  1. Which legal form will you use for your business? Provide specific support for this decision.
  2. What are the costs involved? Advantages? Disadvantages?
  3. Explain how you will demonstrate social responsibility in your business.
  4. Provide a vision and mission statement for your business.
  5. What will be the core values of your business?
  6. What are some important biblical concepts to consider in this part of the business plan

*The book is called launching new ventures by K Allen, hopefully you can access it online.*

(Here is a little background to help you out with the question abaove: My business is called Cutesy. It is an online retail T-shirt shop with slogans and logos and can be customized by the customer. I will only have about 20 t-shirts at a time for sale for exclusivity.)

my start-up budget

Start-up Requirements and Start-up Expenses

Computer equipment





$300 yr

Office furniture


Sublimation heat transfer unit


Website development


Total Start-up Expenses


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