Busn 320 part if major project


This is a group project (groups of 2 or 3) and is a continuation of the minor project. Select one of the companies identified by a member of the group.

Major Project: In your teams, select one of the companies examined in the Minor Project and evaluate the firm using the tools from class. You need to determine the following:

a. The value of the firm the WACC

a. The value of the debt

b. The value of the equity

b. The WACC

c. The market value of the firm

d. The CAPM

e. Compare the firm to its two main competitors

f. The firm’s story and prospects and non-quantitative factors

g. Would you invest in this firm? (Be sure to consider both projects to answer this)

f. The paper should contain 1500 words.

Our group decided that we are going to do our project on Best Buy. My part is D: The CAPME and E: Compare the firm to its two main competitors. I need to have at least 2 references and at least 500 words or more. The file below is the minor project that my group member did if it will help.

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