Calculate the percentage difference between the price you would like to pay and the price of the product/service


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Comparison Shopping

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Comparison Shopping


Choose a product or service that you would like to purchase for your office or yourself: ______________

Search the internet to find three providers who have different prices for the product or service

Product Description

1. Describe in 2 to 4 sentences the product or service you wish to purchase.2. Indicate the amount of money in dollars that you have budgeted to pay

for the product or service: $_________________

Product Comparison

3. Complete the chart below with information from your research.

Name of Provider Link to Website Price of Product

4. Compare in a total of 260 words the product or service offered on each website.

Website Method of Delivery Warranties Tax Rates Extra Components/Services Other Differences


5. Suppose each of these products/services has a 30% markup based on selling price.

Calculate each supplier’s cost for the product/service. [Hint: First find the markup in dollars, then use the formula Price=Cost + Markup to find the supplier’s cost.]

Website a: (name) Website b: (name) Website c: (name)
Supplier’s Cost: $ $ $

6. Now that you have calculated the cost of the product, use that information to calculate the percentage markup based on cost. [Hint: Percentage markup based on cost is = (Price-Cost)/Cost.]

Website a: (name) Website b: (name) Website c: (name)
Percentage Markup: % % %

7. Calculate the percentage difference between the price you would like to pay and the price of the product/service.

Remember, this percentage will be positive if the price of the product or service is lower than the price you would like to pay. If the price is over-budget then there will be a negative number. If the price is under budget then there will be a positive number. [Hint: To calculate the percentage difference, you should use the formula: (Budget – Price)/Budget.]

Website a: (name) Website b: (name) Website c: (name)
Percentage Difference: % % %


8. Write a 175- to 350-word analysis of which product you would select for purchase. Keep in mind that your purchase decision does not necessarily have to be the product with the lowest cost but you should support your decision with information from your analysis.

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