Capstone paper

For this project, you will do two occupational analyses. You will choose one of the following career sets:

·         Retail Cashier & Wallstreet Stockbroker

·         Car Mechanic & Physical Therapist

·         Construction Worker & Computer Programmer

·         Active Military & Professional Athlete

·         Prison Guard & Hospice Nurse

·         Long-Distance Truck Driver & Commercial Pilot

·         Police Officer & Immigration Attorney

·         Sous Chef & Pharmacist

·         Social Worker & HR Manager

·         Paramedic/EMT & Anesthesiologist


Your paper will be composed of the following information:

Part 1

Provide a description of both careers, including an overview of what a typical day would look like for each employee. (approx. 1 page) 

Part 2

Conduct an analysis of both careers covering each of the topics from the course modules. (2-3 pages per career, 4-6 pages total)

§  What is the general work demand, time pressure, and physical work environment like?

§  What is the nature of the social interaction within the workplace and with customers or clients?

§  What are the physical, health-related demands of the job? Are there long-term physical effects?

§  What is the mental health-related demand of the job? Are there long-term psychological effects?

§  Does the industry the career is in typically provide wellness programs? Are these readily available if they exist?

§  Do employees receive recovery and recreational time off work? Is this stable or does recovery time fluctuate?

§  Are there any work-life conflicts or enrichment opportunities?

§  What are the safety prevention measures in each field?

§  What is the typical safety culture and climate in each field?

§  How influential leadership and management is in the safety of the work environment? 



Part 3

Create a suggested occupational health plan for each career, including stress prevention, mental health and wellbeing, recovery programs, and safety assurance. This does not have to be a complete plan, but instead should outline the needs of the career (if they exist) for occupational health interventions. (1 page per career, 2 pages total)


Part 4

Compare and contrast the two careers you have analyzed and answer the following questions. (3-4 pages)

§  Are there any key similarities or differences between the careers that stood out when conducting your analysis?

§  When working on the occupational plan for both careers, are there things you suggested for one career but not for another? Why?

§  Do each of the careers differ on the level of stress they put on the employee, or is the level equitable but different because of the type of stress employees may be subjected to?

§  Did you consider things like employee age, tenure, income, or education level in either your analysis or occupational health plan? If not, do you think these factors would necessitate different kinds of OHP interventions?

§  How impactful was social dynamic of the workplace? Did client/customer demographics differ between the two careers, and what role does that/might that play regarding occupational health?

§  Did the public image or nature of the career (e.g., a “dirty job” versus a “white collar” job) impact the analysis or occupational health plan? Why or why not?

§  Was there any other interesting similarities or differences that arose between the two careers that caught you by surprise, or that you feel are important to note?


Your final paper should include:

§  A title page, that does not count towards the page count

§  A references page, that does not count towards the page count

§  A 10–12-page paper as the body of the assignment, including citations when appropriate. If you include the questions from each of the sections in the organizational structure of your paper, it will not count toward the page requirement. There is no page maximum. 

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