Case Analysis – MGMT567 Discussion

Please use the tools and frameworks you have learned in Chapter 08 to analyze Case 08 AT&T and Apple, and write your answer to the following questions.

  1. What were the strategic objectives of AT&T and Apple at the beginning of the alliance?
  2. What did Apple and AT&T give up to achieve their objectives?
  3. Was the alliance equitable to both parties? If not, who got the better deal? How would you calculate or estimate the value that each company got from the alliance?
  4. Was Apple really better off choosing an exclusive alliance with AT&T than they would have been if they had offered the iPhone through all carriers simultaneously?

(((It’s important to display critical and independent thinking in your analyses, and please refer to the rubric for details on the evaluation. Length guideline is roughly one page length, and quality of thinking is valued more than quantity, and you are encouraged to use bullet points and short sentences.)))))

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