Case of The Great Niece

Gina is Single and works at the Gas Company for the past 5 years as a Data Analyst. She current has a   salary of $ 67,000 for the calendar year 2021. She does not contribute to her company’s 401 k account   and any other retirement account. Gina has one bank account at the Gas Company Credit Union with   $3,000 in the account. Gina is 28 years old and lives with her parents. She currently has $30,000 in   student loan debt for completing her bachelor’s degree in business from CSU Fullerton.   Most recently in 2020 her Aunt Becky passed away from cancer. According to Becky’s will she left all of   her assets to Gina and not to her sister, Gina’s Mother Heather, because she saw a lot of herself in Gina   and believed that Gina would be more responsible with the money and assets if it were left to her. In   2020 the assets of her estate were distributed to Gina as follows   ï‚· Non Taxable Life Insurance proceeds $ 220,000  ï‚· 2010 Lexus LS FMV $ 8,000, Original Cost Basis $ 54,000  ï‚· Bank of America Savings Account $ 25,000  ï‚· Wells Fargo Checking Account $20,000  ï‚· Fidelity Investment Accounts ( Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds) $70,000  ï‚· 10 BlackRock Shares purchased via E Trade $ 953.24 per share FMV at Day of Death, Original   Cost Basis $ 900. Gina was named beneficiary for each share.  Gina has been referred to you for your work that you advised from the Stone family. Gina would like for   you to outline a financial plan along with recommendations on what she should do next. Keep in mind   that everyone knows that Gina has inherited a lot of money and a lot of family members would like to   talk with her about her financial situation and are second guessing any recommendation and advice that   Gina might be advised on.  Please set aside the appropriate time for this project   This assignment will be graded on the following   *Spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and presentation of information  

*Professional attitude and client communication

* Professional tone of the memo  *Technical aspects and accuracy of the financial advice and recommendations given   

* Demonstration of knowledge and education through the plan you outline based on what you   have learned from the course  

* Unlike previous assignments Submission of this assignment will not result in full credit.

*This is not an Essay.

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