Case Study Analysis (Cushy Armchair) – In-depth with multiple resources

Writing requirement

This should analyze the central issue(s) or problem(s) facing the company and outline a recommended course of action and/or solution. You should use the suggested study questions as a guide in developing your analysis. Please be specific in your analysis and use facts from the case, where necessary, to support your argument. Using facts to support an argument or line of analysis is different from simply summarizing the case or “re-hashing” case facts. There is no need for case summary.

Use multiple resources and cite.

The assignment

Use the alignment framework and the analytical questions shown in the guided analysis specifically to analyze the situation facing Alison and to structure your analysis. What are the gaps in the current structure versus the new structure Alison is trying to implement? What do you recommend she do to get the change back on track?

Before reading the Cushy Armchair Case Study, please review the alignment framework graphic below. Then, consider the following eight questions to help you analyze the case for your writeup. What is changing at Cushy with the new leadership; how will this impact how the work gets done and who does it?

You also should read the Louis Gerstner chapter, Elephants Can Dance, from his book, Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Inside IBM’s Historic Turnaround. (attached)

Alignment Framework:

Environment – What important changes are taking place in the industry with consumers and competitors?

Performance – How is Cushy Armchair currently performing?

Strategy – What is Cabletronica¿s new strategy, and how is leadership implementing it?

Organizational Culture – How would you characterize the organizational culture of Cushy Armchair? Does the culture help or hinder this type of change?

Task – What is the new ¿task¿ or work system that Alison wants to implement? How does this differ from the way work is currently done? What issues do you foresee?

Task and People – To whom do the design, sales and purchasing managers currently report? How will reporting structure change?

Evaluation & Reward Systems – On what basis are the divisions likely evaluated and rewarded now and with the change?

People – What are the key roles in this company? What is the role leadership is playing in the change? What might be impacting employees’ performance, motivation?

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