Learning Team Reflection: Week 3 IRAC Brief

Read “The IRAC method of case study analysis.” Select one legal case from a current event that has taken place within the past 2 years relevant to the following objectives:  3.3: Differentiate between personal, real, and intellectual property issues. 3.4: Determine appropriate methods to address potential property issues.  Discuss the selected case with your Learning Team. Brief the selected […]

Apply 5 Forces then Demonstrate How These Forces Can Lower Profitability

Please review the required You Tube video Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, regarding Porter’s 5 forces. In the video, Mr. Porter discusses how Porter’s Five Forces Analysis is an important tool for assessing the potential for profitability in an industry.  As an example, Mr. Porter applied these 5 forces to the airline industry. Think […]

FIN 100 Discussion Question (NEED 100% ORIGINAL WORK)

“Stocks and Bonds” Please respond to the following: Identify the main advantage of bond ratings, and determine whether or not you are convinced that the existing system of rating bonds is fail-proof. Provide a rationale for your response. Determine at least two (2) key advantages of equity financing, as compared to debt financing options. Provide a […]

Public Administrations Questions

Write a narrative of 5-7 sentences for each question. 1.  Using ONE of the issues below, briefly explain why intergovernmental relations is so complex in the US a) Illegal immigration b) Homeland security c) Education d) Welfare 2.  Why is Woodrow Wilson described as the father of Public Administration in the US? 3.  Briefly explain […]

For this week’s discussions, I want everyone to put their thinking caps on and g

For this week’s discussions, I want everyone to put their thinking caps on and give me two examples of public speaking that you see every day. What makes your examples unique? What impresses you about the speaker or what turns you away? What can you tell us about the speaker’s style? Intonation? Language and expressions?

discussion help please

Referring to Appendix A, analyze the key factors to consider in your potential customer base and how they will affect your sources of financing. —————————————————————————————————————————————– Referring to Appendix A, discuss the key evaluation criteria for determining the competition for a new venture. Which areas should a new venture focus on to enter its market as […]

Mythic Archaeology Project

Mythic Archaeology Project This paper is for Lit 229 World Mythology please be sure to add in the comparisons with mythologic stories to the events in paper. No plagarisim 4 full pages double spaced 🙂 Attached is the rubric and outline for paper PLEASE FOLLOW RUBRIC STEP BY STEP BE SURE TO READ!!! Attachments:  ( […]

Introduction to Marketing- Brand Attributes: Unique Personalities

Introduction to Marketing- Brand Attributes: Unique Personalities Your client is very excited about some of the research that you have already done on repositioning the company’s brand using the 4 Ps of the marketing mix. You have been asked to prepare brief proposal to show your progress on repositioning the brand in the marketing plan using […]

Products and Marketing

Products Event Market for: Price for hamburgers has risen; demand for hot dogs is rising. Hot Dog Buns The President of the United States has released a statement that unemployment is falling, there is a rise in output in the Country, and manufacturing activity is rising. Popular Vacation Spots The Chinese government has decided to […]