A guide to writing in APA 7th Edition

A guide to writing in APA 7th Edition In October 2019, APA presented the 7th edition of its Publication Manual which replaces the 6th edition published in 2009. The new standards seek to keep up with the changes that have taken place in the academic world, where the citation of online material has become more […]

How to write an A+ Critical Book Review

 Critical book Review If you have had a look at our previous blog, “Writing a critical Book review: How to Prepare” well, this article serves as a continuation.  You have already read about how you can prepare effectively to get your critical review of a book down on a paper.  Having prepared adequately, this article […]

Writing a Brilliant Critical Book review

Writing a Brilliant Critical Book review: How to Prepare Writing a critical book review more than just giving a book summary. It is an opportunity to propose an in-depth discussion about a book. As a critic, your job is to combine the analytical and accurate reading of the book with the reaction it causes in […]

8 Most Effective Time Management Tips for Students

The new academic year has started, remotely or in the lecture hall, and that means studying. If you got through exams last year stressed and ran into unattainable deadlines, it’s not a bad idea to better manage your time this year to avoid that tension. Get better at time management, or time management, and organize your days […]

How to Create an Effective Study Group

What does the ideal study group look like? In order for a study group to work effectively, a number of requirements must be met. For example, it is important that all participants have basic knowledge that can be built on when preparing for exams in the study group. Ideally, the individual group members have different strengths and […]

Effective Learning: Using Study Group for Exam Preparation

Effective Learning: Using Group study for Exam Preparation If an exam is pending, the question of the ideal preparation arises. Many people believe that they can learn best on their own – but isn’t group learning more effective? We show you the advantages of learning groups and what you have to pay attention to when organizing. Whether […]


EFFECTIVE LEARNING METHODS: THIS IS HOW EXAM PREPARATION WORKS If the exam phase is just around the corner and in just 3 weeks, the material for the entire semester should be squeezed into your memory. How is that even possible.  This article provides you with some effective learning methods and ultimate approaches for exam preparation. […]

How to Write Winning Nursing Case Study

Brainy Term Papers: How to Write Nursing Case Study A nursing case study is a common type of nursing writing assignment. This type of assignment is also common for students who do science courses. A case study is typically a type of research methodology where students are required to conduct intensive research on an individual […]

How to Get Online Essay writing Services

Essay Writing Help One of the most stressing things in college life is when a lecturer gives you an essay writing assignment, and you find that you do not have an idea on how to handle it. Sometimes, you have a pile of other works and other things that you need to do before the […]