Child Development Research

Research is one way that we learn about child development. Longitudinal and cross-sectional research designs are frequently used to study child development.

In the Studies for this unit, you were given four articles and asked to choose one to read. Refer to the Studies activity for a list of articles and links. Using the article you chose, complete the following for this discussion:

  • Briefly describe the type of research design used in the article (longitudinal or cross-sectional; see page 40 in the textbook for more information).
  • Give an example from the article that indicates the research design is longitudinal or cross-sectional.
  • Explain why the type of research design used in the article is appropriate for studying the topic.
  • Propose an ethical precaution the author of the article might take to protect children’s research rights. (See page 45 of the textbook.)

Response Guidelines

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