Child labour uncovered in Apple’s supply chain”

Unit 6
Personalized Ethics Statement 1 page
Organizations often have leadership or ethics statements, which are sometimes posted in breakrooms. Pretend you are charged with writing a leadership/ethics statement for an organization with which you are currently involved. Write a one-page statement that is informed by your beliefs and the course readings. Depending on your organization, you may need to use your beliefs only to inform what you write (i.e. you might not be able to be explicit about your beliefes in your statement, but you can use them as the basis for your statement).
It is important to practically apply your beliefs and values to the situations that you are in every day. Some of those situations will not be friendly to your beliefs and worldview, and you need to think about how you will approach those situations and stay true to your personal beliefs.
Save your work as a .doc or .rtf file and upload here to the Week 6 Personalized Ethics Statement.

(6) Case Study 2 pages
Attached Files:
Palles_Floral_Gardens case study (attached)
Read the Palles Floral & Gardens case study for this week (attached), and respond to the questions at the end of the case.
Save your work as a .rtf or .doc file and submit here to the Week 6 Case Study Questions Dropbox.

(6) Article Review
Write a 1 page paper on the following:
Find a current ethical/leadership article from a journal that is peer reviewed. Write a review of the article and provide your own thoughts and analysis.
Save your work as a rtf file and submit here to the Week 6 Article Review Dropbox.

Unit 7
(7) Personalized Ethics Statement
“Child labour uncovered in Apple’s supply chain”
“Nike shoes and child labor in Pakistan”
Write a 1 page paper on the following:
Imagine you work for a company that outsources to a company based in a different country. How do you select your outsource locations? What criteria do you look for/use to determine what third-world countries you outsource to?
You can provide examples from prior ethical issues you have encountered.
Save your work as a rtf file and submit here to the Week 7 Personalized Ethics Statement Dropbox.

7) Case Study 2 pages
Attached Files:
File Case_Study-military__no._7 (attached)
Read the case study Military Recruiting Improprieties and answer the questions as the end of the case.
Save your work as a .doc or .rtf file and submit here to the Week 7 Case Study Questions Dropbox.

(7) Article Review 1 page
Attached Files:
File Article_Review. (attached)
View the attached article review directions document. When you are finished with the assignment, upload it here to the Article Review dropbox.

Final Paper
Business Ethics
For your final paper in this class, choose a topic of interest to you that deals with ethics or has ethical
implications. Your paper should be between 6-10 pages, not including the cover sheet and the
bibliography. Your paper must meet the criteria listed below.
Paper Format & Criteria
Cover Sheet
This needs to include the title of the paper, class title, your name, date, term. (Centered on the page)
Introduction (1 page)
Give some basic background to the issue. Introduce the subject to someone who is completely unfamiliar
with the topic.
Explanation of the ethical problem (2-3 pages)
Define the problem in detail, giving ethical arguments on both sides of the issue. In other words, what
arguments exist that support each side of the issue?
Resolution (3-5 pages)
Describe how you would resolve the issue. What principles or guidelines would you offer to business
surrounding this issue? Imagine yourself presenting this to a National Conference on Ethics.
Summary and conclusions (1 page)
In your summary, succinctly state the problem that you presented. In your conclusions, state which
argument you believe to be more sound, and your reasons for that conclusion based on the information
you present in the previous parts of your paper.
Works Cited
You must cite between five and seven outside sources to support your argument. The resources in the
CUW library are a good place to look.
Citations and Format
Use the American Psychological Association (APA) format for your paper format and all citations. See if you need details.
In brief, your paper needs to:
? be double spaced
? employ correct grammar and spelling (use spell check!)
? have thorough transitions
? be formatted correctly using APA format
All of these things are expectations of graduate students. (While I will not add any points to a paper for
writing skills, I will deduct points for lack of attention to these details.)
Minimum of six pages, and not to exceed 10 pages (minus the cover page and bibliography).

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