NR 511 Week 7 Clinical Practice Guideline Assignment


Students will be RANDOMLY assigned a CPG on a disease topic by their instructor in Week 1.  Students will post a brief, narrated, PowerPoint presentation along with a copy of their CPG and a written transcript of their presentation




Assigned CPG: Jellinger, P.S., Handelsman, Y., Rosenblit, P.D., Bloomgarden, Z.T., Fonesca, V.A. et al., (2017).  American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and American College of Endocrinology Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidemia and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease.  Endocrine Practice, 23 (S2).





  1. 1. Students will RANDOMLY be assigned a CPG on a disease topic by their instructor in  Week 1.
  4. 2. In addition to the presentation, students will provide a written transcript to the Week 7 assignment box for the instructor’s reference. (NOTE:  A written transcript is a word for word script of exactly what is said in the PowerPoint Narration. It is not a paper and does not need to be in APA format. 


Preparing the presentation:


Disease & Background: Identify the disease condition and give a brief statement of incidence and prevalence in the U.S.  Discuss the pathophysiology of the disease and typical clinical presentation seen in patients with the condition.


Publication & Applicability in Primary Care: Identify the author, organization or group that developed the CPG along with the year of the original guideline publication.   Discuss why the CPG is applicable in the primary care setting.


Key Action statements and Body of Evidence: Provide each of the CPG’s “Key Action” or “Guideline Statements” up to a maximum of 5 relevant recommendations.  Identify the evidence strength for each recommendation.  If the statement has applicability to other groups, only discuss the relevant primary care ones. 


Application in your Clinical Rotation: Using an example of a patient from your clinical rotation with the same condition, discuss how the diagnosis and treatment of your patient compared to the recommendations given in the guidelines.


The student used PowerPoint  & presentation was professional in quality. Slides are to be well organized and aesthetically pleasing. References were noted.

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