Collective Bargaining—Employee Safety

Be sure to include this in your module 4 paper. 


The Employer agrees to provide to employees any required tools and safety or protective equipment, reasonably fitted safety clothing, and devices necessary to provide protection of employees from hazardous conditions to include inclement weather encountered during the performance of official duties. 

Such equipment will be provided as authorized by applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.  The Union agrees to assist the Employer in aggressively publicizing the benefits of the use of protective devices and equipment by employees, and their adhering to good safety practices, policies and procedures.

The Union offers the following:

The Employer agrees to provide the needed protective gear and clothing to essential employees on an annual basis as follows:

  1. All allotments discussed in this agreement will be provided to employees via paychecks and distributed in the following manner:
  2. An allotment of $150.00 per employee once per year for protective clothing; one winter jacket and five long-sleeve shirts or sweatshirts. This allotment will be distributed in September of each year.
  3. The employer shall provide at no cost to the employees all necessary personal protective equipment including but not limited to safety glasses, gloves and hard hats.


Students should reflect on the Discussion Topic from Module Three and their experiences with the negotiating process. Include the following details in your response:

  • A copy of the agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement section on employee safety (posted in the Discussion Topic)
  • A one-page personal account of the negotiating process. This account needs to include:

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