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After viewing an article from Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, it is important to note that “over the last 30 years, wage inequality in the United States has increased substantially.” It is clear that the wage gap between CEO’s and average employees is very prominent, being 185 times higher in 2009. According to CNBC, women currently earn about 20% less than men, but that is an average since this number fluctuates in different states. According to US News, a potential solution to these problems would be to combat discrimination and invest in women.

I would agree with this idea, because one of the biggest issues with pay inequalities is the gender gap. An article from US News stated that “if you look at the family compositions, it’s those female head of households with the highest percentage or poverty.” This is why investing in women, and enabling them is important. If women feel like they are able to be more forward about asking for a raise and discussing wages, the gap will diminish. Similarly, combating discrimination in the workplace will help situations like African Americans being paid less. Educating workers and dealing with any forms of discrimination properly could help this problem.

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