Comparative Agendas Project

Current Event Analysis (5 pages) public admiration and public policy

Note: Check all the work in turnitin .com before delivery all work please.

Note: Not health care policy (you did it before)

Assignment Instructions

Through this assignment, we will explore trends concerning an individually selected area of policy and provide context on the public policy theory/theories at play.  You will answer the following question: How has congressional agenda changed over time in regards to your selected policy topic? 

To start, visit Comparative Agendas Project .  Once on the webpage, click on Trend Tools (on the top right).  Then, click select dataset types and policy topics on the upper left side. Then, Click on Budgets on the upper left side. Next, select United States.  Then, select the specific aspect of the US budget you want to analyze. Then, in the bottom right, select Line for Chart Type.

Next, for Dates, select Year. Once you create two charts, or at least have the data points for two periods, then use export to integrate them into your paper. Then, analyze the two charts (ie, compare and contrast) in your paper.

For the purposes of this project, you’ll need to pull data from at least two different time periods to show any shifts in trends/attention.

Next analyze your findings through a 5 page paper (excluding cover page and references).  You’ll want to cover the following questions:

· What is the history of this policy?

· What does the data say about the congressional focus of this issue?

· How and why are the charts different?

· What driving forces/actors would have had an impact on the congressional attention on this issue?

· Were there other events taking place that would explain a low in congressional attention on this issue?

· What theory/theories from our text could explain the history or trends of the issue?  What contexts are applicable here?

Please include your charts in your essay.  Note that the labels on the charts may be inaccurate, so focus on trends.  Be sure to draw from our course readings and to utilize at least 3 scholarly sources. A list of good online journals is available in our online library. Here is a sample paper with proper APA formatting and citations from Purdue OWL.

Policy Analysis (5 pages)


Assignment Instructions

Based on the framework laid out in your lesson, you are to critically analyze an enacted state policy.  This should be something you have seen show up in the news, an issue you are interested in, or a policy that could have direct impact on your life.  It can be anything so long as it has been voted on by your state’s legislative branch, has been approved by the executive office, and has been signed into law.  To make your work a little easier, you’ll likely want to choose something that has had media/public attention and is a broad enough issue that you can find scholarly sources to provide background information.  Some examples of state issues include: fracking, legalization of medical marijuana, mental health services, state budget and spending, etc.

In this 5 page analysis you should:

· Establish the history of the issue

· Identify the major policy concepts/contexts

· Identify the stakeholders

· Review the development and implementation of the policy (what was the policymaking process?)

· Evaluate the effectiveness of the policy and its ability to meet stated goals (if possible)

· Provide an analysis with recommendations for improving or modifying the policy (be sure to include your recommendations for adjustments, expansion or alternatives)

· Situate your analysis in the contemporary policy literature.

Make sure you draw from the lesson and relevant PA journals. A list of good online journals is available in our online library.  You should incorporate at least 4 scholarly journal sources. Remember that the content must be 5-7 pages (excluding title page and references) . *Your essay will be automatically uploaded to and an originality report will be generated for you. No action is needed on your part. Please contact your instructor if you have questions about this process or your report.

Issue Brief (5 pages) next week is due

(Note: Not use PRISON OVERCROWDING, you did it before)

Assignment Instructions

Through this assignment, we will combine your learning from the Current Event Analysis and Policy Case Study.  I want you to identify a different problem or issue (local or state) that needs political attention through policy action.  Once you’ve identified the issue, you will be constructing an issue brief on the proposed policy action.  Your 5 page issue brief should be constructed using the attached template and should cover the following sections:

· Brief history of the issue

· General accounting of the current problem (stated in a couple of sentences)

· The options available for addressing the problem

· Whether there are current applicable policies that need to be expanded, adjusted or eliminated

· What actors are currently involved with the issue and where support currently exists

· What your recommendations are and how you would propose moving the policy forward (i.e., what support needs to be built, what channels does it need to go through, what of the options listed above are most feasible, etc)

Do not complete the template attached below with bullets or broad lists.  This should be a detailed analysis of each element discussed above.  Write this issue brief as if you were handing it to the state governor, the head of an agency, etc.  They should understand your policy, recommendations and the policymaking process of this issue through review of your issue brief.  It shouldn’t need elaboration from you.

Final Project (10 slides power points)


Note: 1.include efficiency, effectiveness, economic criteria, and ethics.

2. Use several credible source 3.use A few books, some written by advocates and a news source. 4. use graphics.

Assignment Instructions

Identify another, different policy issue that impacts or interests you. This policy issue can be at the local or state level, but that you have not already submitted. Research the policy context, implementation, effectiveness, and evaluate it using the criteria laid out in your lesson (and practiced in the writing assignments). Analyze the policy, then draw conclusions and make recommendations about the policy’s future and effectiveness. Present your findings uploading an entertaining PowerPoint briefing (minimum 10 slides with images on each slide).

Instead of writing a paper and putting the paragraphs on each slide, use bullet points for the major points and include ONE of the following:

· detailed speaker’s notes

· a transcript of what you would say if you gave the presentation

· audio of you giving the presentation.

Remember that this is a major research component of your course and worth 20% of your final grade.   Your bibliography of sources (a minimum of 7) should be the final slide(s) of the presentation.

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