Comparison between Summer and Winter





Comparison between Summer and Winter

There are four main weather season that exists which are completely different from each other. However, there exists, two main season that excites the Americans, the winter and summer season. These two seasons are a complete opposite of each other; these two are quite common because they have their extremes and almost determine how we live for the next few months. There are debates that exist on which season is the best. Different individuals will always have different stands depending on their preferences. Summer may be far much better than winter because of the sun and the outdoor activities one can do, the food one consumes and the clothing seems so much better in the summer.

The common difference between these two seasons is the climatic conditions. Winter is the coldest season of the year. It comes after autumn and just right before spring. When a specific hemisphere of the earth is oriented away from the sun, winter occurs. During this period temperatures go below 0 degrees Celsius. There is snow, and at times it evens rains. Summer, on the other hand, is warm and sunny. It occurs right after spring. During months of June-August. The temperature during the day varies from 30 to 41 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees Celsius during the night.

Another key difference during this period is the kind of activities one can engage in. Both seasons have exciting things one can do. During the winter the exciting activities include ice skating, snowshoeing, building of snowman, snowball fight, winter hike, winter camping, snow tubing and so many other activities. Winter in itself may be a gloomy and boring season if one does not find activities to engage. Summer has the most exciting activities because of its climatic conditions, these activities vary from swimming, riding on a roller coaster, visiting the beach where you can bask in the sun, playing miniature golfs and other activities. Regarding activities, summer seems to be the best season. Some activities that can be done in winter can still be done during summer thus making it a much more versatile season.

Type of food consumed during these two seasons also completely varies. In summer the weather is hot, and thus most people would prefer taking of cold beverages as the will often be thirsty due to sweating. Fruits during these seasons are also available, they are very ripe and sold at very affordable prices. In winter, there are very few choices to choose from. During these seasons, it is freezing, and it is, therefore, important to take meals that bring warmth to the body. These foods include coffee, tea among other hot beverages. During these periods many people avoid consuming cold drinks as it may lead to some health complication. In cases when one needs to consume cold drinks, then they do it minimally. There is also a link between moods and the winter and summer season. Individuals experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), “…some people experiencing symptoms of the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in fall and winter months” a researcher had this to say (Blaszczak-Boxe). Neurotransmitters in the body such as serotonin varied between the seasons. During summer there is so much food one can eat including the foods one can eat during the winter

Comfort varies between these two seasons. Regarding clothing, when it’s cold you have to put on heavy clothing or enough throws to make yourself feel warm. While inside the hose gloves and socks are a great way of keeping an individual warm. It is a good feeling being warm that at times young may not notice the number of blankets you have on. During the hot season, it gets hot that you feel like total undressing, but the problems are you can only remove so much. The sweating too is unbearable. However, most people love the summer clothing; the light tops the shirts and loose clothes. “In summer, I’m happy wearing light, silky, delicate sleepwear to bed,” Sneaza had this to say in her fashion blog on clothing (Markoski). Light clothes make it easier to function or move around when compared to heavy clothing. In winter aside from the jackets and heavy sweater one also needs to wear things such as warm boots, coats, which are often dull colored. It is in winter you get to wear bright colors such as yellow, green, red and even pink. Summer is the only time you can go bold with colors. Heavy clothing may limit one to things such as running. Muscles during winter are tight but become quite flexible in summer

Plant growth and blooming of flowers during summer are stagnant. The leaves fall off while the seeds take weeks or months to germinate. Winter is the period of dormancy, plants tick but they don’t grow according to Sandra Mason a State Master Gardener Coordinator (Mason). This is due to the falling temperatures as well as the reduction between day lengths. Summer, on the other hand, has a good climate and temperate conditions especially for the blooming of flowers. There are flowers that can withstand the heat and can bloom well during the summer. Some of these flowers include Marigold, Black-eyed Susan, Aster, Lantana, Blanket Flower, Verbena, Zinnia, Hibiscus, Globe Amaranth and Purple coneflower. These flowers bloom well during summer and leave your garden looking all bright. Plants like seed and trees, on the other hand, do not do so well because of lack of rain and too much heat.

In a nutshell, the two seasons are completely different from each other. The similarity they may have is only the fact that the two are seasons. In winter you have things to enjoy such as staying indoors, taking hot beverages, snuggling on the bed or coach while covered in blankets and warm clothes. The best thing about summer is the outdoor activities such as swimming and the foods especially the cold drinks. Personally, I’d prefer summer over winter because of the temperatures. During summers there is the sun and un by the beach although it comes at the cost of heat rush and sunburns. Except the clothing, most things such as the food and the activities that happen in winter can still be done in summer.

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