Compatible Sensors for Aquaponics Systems using the USB 6001 DAQ Controller:

Create test plans for the following sensors. The test plans clearly define how testing will be used to verify that hardware components and subsystems and software modules are performing as specified. The test plans should include step-by-step instructions and pass-fail criteria for all tests.

1. Nitrate Sensor

2. Ammonia Sensor

3. Flow Sensor(meter)

Power Subsystem Test Procedure
Test 110Vac to 5Vdc converter output
Test transistor to relay coil:
Simulate USB 6001 DAQ output signal to transistor base pin
Test transistor emitter pin for 5Vdc
Test relay performance ? individually
Perform previous test
Check relay activation
Test relay performance ? simultaneous
Activate all transistors
Verify all relays are activated
Test 110Vac signal output ? individually
Verify outlet voltage level
Test 110Vac signal output ? simultaneous
Verify outlet voltage levels
Test device amperage draw

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